ChromaLuxe Table Top Printing

You can create a unique and personal finish to your table top by customising it with your favourite image and transforming it into a work of art.

Whether you want to make a striking statement in your office, home or public space, our specially coated table tops – which are resistant to moisture, scratches and stains – will provide you with a spectacular talking point for years.

Our table tops come in four standard shapes and sizes, but Chromaluxe Printer will gladly work with you to customise your table top to your precise specifications.

Printed Table Tops

  • Brilliant colours

    Images are infused directly into our special coated sheets, creating matchless vibrancy and resolution

  • Fade resistant

    Industry tests prove it; our prints last a lifetime

  • Scratch resistant

    Our prints are protected thanks to unique substrates and coatings

  • Easy to clean

    All you need is a cloth and an all-purpose cleaner