ChromaLuxe Hardboard Panels

Lightweight and durable, ChromaLuxe hardboard printed panels will allow you to create vibrant artwork, wall decorations and signage that make a real visual impression and will last for years.

The panels are available in thicknesses of a quarter or an eighth of an inch and facilitate top quality image reproduction, while being resistant to scratches, stains and abrasions.

To add to their versatility, a special dry erase coating is also available.


  • Fade resistant

    Industry tests prove it; our prints last a lifetime

  • Scratch and abrasion resistant

    Our prints are protected thanks to unique substrates and coatings

  • Chemical resistant

    Our surfaces can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, acetone or any all-purpose cleaners

  • Eco-friendly

    Made from recycled material and 100% recyclable