ChromaLuxe Metal Prints

When you first see a ChromaLuxe high-definition metal print, you won’t believe your eyes. The quality and depth of the image is simply stunning.

The ChromaLuxe manufacturing process has been perfected to deliver what we believe is the highest quality product available today.

How do we deliver such astonishingly clear and vibrant hd metal prints, with exceptional detail and resolutions? The answer lies in the way our aluminium plates are coated with a fine, multiple-layer polymer finish. Our photo panels also contain a special coating that lays the foundation for an image that is both visually impressive and highly durable.

The world’s leading photographers, galleries and museums trust their work to ChromaLuxe hd metal prints because of the brilliance of the images and the long-lasting, non-fading qualities of the surfaces we produce.

ChromaLuxe HD Print Features

  • Brilliant colours

    Images are infused directly into our special coated sheets, creating matchless vibrancy and resolution

  • Fade resistant

    Industry tests prove it; our prints last a lifetime

  • Flame resistant

    All our products meet ASTM International standards for flame spread and smoke development

  • Scratch resistant

    Our prints are protected thanks to unique substrates and coatings

  • Lightweight

    Transport and display are easier than ever

  • Easy to clean

    All you need is a cloth and an all-purpose cleaner